Tech Corner: Technologies Used by Captioning and CART Providers – A CCAC CAP in Progress

Last month we published an article about “walking CART” that many enjoyed reading. This month, again thanks to CCAC member providers’ input, we publish this data about technologies – hardware and software – used by professional captioners and CART experts. It’s a work in progress (see the link), and readers are invited to share the information, send in new items.

Some Background:

Provision of CART and captioning servives is an outgrowth of court reporting. While some new captioning techniques and technologies does not require prior stenographer expertise, use of steno equipment, plus specialized further training and software specific to the elements of captioning and CART (on site or remotely) are required.

Stenographers, fast typists, and others, in many countries, are often asking for more information about how to move into captioning and CART. Due to this sort of need, this is what we did:

CCAC members (a small team of consumers and providers) developed a short survey to create a new information sheet about captioning tools used currently by providers. Seasoned professionals may wish to review this, add to it, or distribute it. For the CCAC mission especially, we hope it serves to educate others who are planning to provide captioning/CART in the future – both new providers, and organizations that wish to support inclusion of quality captioning. 

A CCAC “CAP” stands for a “captioning advocacy project.” In this case it is different from “asking for/advocating” for captioning inclusion. It is providing new forms of information for free distribution to anyone interested. Feedback is welcome.

The short survey was distributed to two large captioning provider networks, including all CCAC provider members. The survey requested providers to share what hardware and software they used, for what sort of captioning/CART services. The chart shows the results so far. 

CCAC thanks all providers who replied, and welcomes new information. Again, the survey results can be found here.

Special thanks go to three CCAC members who collaborated on this in the CCAC community: Michelle Coffey, Provider; Barnaby Lund, Consumer; and Lauren Storck, CCAC Founder. 




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