The e-mail address for the CCAC is

To support (sponsor, advertise, partner with) the CCAC, please email – we welcome your ideas. To pay or donate, please use the secure PayPal donation system on each page. Sponsorship information (advertising) on this page

To become a CCAC member, please submit the application form on this page. After joining, you will be able to participate in the CCAC Forum for members only, our virtual meeting place online, and where much of the good “action” is for active captioning advocacy.

The CCAC Blog is here. When you get to the blog home page, be sure to subscribe. This is another active place where CCAC members and others share news and thoughts about captioning advocacy.

Need to find a Captioning Provider? CCAC aims to help anyone or any group find a captioner for media or live events. A free clearinghouse service (to locate a provider) called CaptionMatch was designed by a CCAC volunteer and active for about 5 years. Now on hold as the system considers an update, a simple email asking how to begin your search is all you need.

Please contact us via email with any questions or suggestions anytime. We love to talk!