Captioning Technology, Processes, and Films

These articles generally deal with all sorts of captioning, including real time captioning (CART/STTR) and more.

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It’s good to review general information also: is one good page on the NCRA site about CART.

Film Library about Captioning and Advocacy:

1. The CCAC Film – produced June 2012 – “Don’t Leave Me Out!” – see tab at top of page. This film was produced by large volunteer energies! It’s playing globally since June, and we welcome your inquires.

2. StageText in the UK has several good films (about theater captioning) on their website.

3. In November 2012, a film from HLAA, see

4. Please send us your film for captioning advocacy, or captioning processes. We know there are a few or several more good ones. Remind us soon!