Mission and History

ADVOCACY FOR QUALITY CAPTIONING UNIVERSALLY is the CCAC Mission. Join today to see the mission accomplished. CCAC is the only consumer advocacy organization of its kind — with international and reach and also an official charity –  with a sole mission of inclusion via quality captioning, everyday, in all places needed.

Read more about the CCAC on the  CCAC blog, in the CCAC members’ forum, watching the CCAC videos on YouTube, finding us on social media too. Let us know your questions and suggestions! Email CCACaptioning@gmail.com

Captioning speaks to us all – it’s the world’s language, and it is missing in too many places. Many millions cannot comprehend speech in group situations, even with other resources and technologies.  Good communications are vital for everyday life.  CCAC outlines ten places we call the ten CCAC categories of life, from education, employment and entertainment, to government, healthcare, transportation, and more, where access via captioning is vital. (See listing on the CCAC membership form.)

In the autumn of 2009, it was decided that a new focused captioning advocacy community was needed to push forward inclusion. The CCAC was born, first in the USA, and quickly attracted international members.  CCAC is neither a deaf nor a hearing loss association. It is a captioning (subtitles) advocacy community aiming to educate and advocate on many levels for inclusion of quality captioning where none exists now. CCAC builds bridges among individuals and groups for captioning advocacy. CCAC has members, friends, and followers, as well as organizational friends with reciprocal links, numbering in the thousands.

CCAC is a “hub” – a central unifying place for many diverse interests to gather, share information, and push forward any and all captioning inclusion initiatives, hopefully faster and stronger, in all ways we all can work together.

Membership is a nice balance of “consumers” and “providers” and others (from education, the arts, disabilities, technologies and more) – all working together to encourage and create new captioning inclusion projects.  Any captioning advocacy project (CCAC CAP) from a small local one, to a regional or national project, and collaborations internationally too, are encouraged. CCAC is all volunteers also, a true labor of love by many active and supporting members.

In year one of the CCAC, captioning inclusion achievements included CART (STTR) for court and for professional conferences, captioning advocacy for Internet videos and for live theater and museum videos, and much more. December 19, 2019 we will celebrate the 10th birthday of our active and energetic community, as well as the official non-profit status of the CCAC organization (as of June 2012).

CCAC is primarily citizen advocates. It is not-for-profit, and not selling any services or products. Consumers “drive” progress by asking for captioning (speech to text) sometimes facing many “no’s” and often a long process that requires persistence and a “do not give up” attitude.  CCAC provides encouragement, mentoring and support online, and great information, including participation of provider members who offer valuable experience and knowledge.

Year two included numerous achievements again, including new captioning and CART where none were noted earlier, as well as new CCAC research and information databases useful for expanding knowledge about captioning. Year two also included several issues of a CCAC newsletter now archived on the website.

Captioning enhances learning to read (literacy), learning languages, search online, and provides timely records (transcripts). Many people with different language and learning needs use quality captioning, even though they do not have a hearing loss. United we can advocate, agitate, and legislate. This sometimes takes years, some say due to “invisible” millions seeking to explain their needs and differences.

The CCAC advances captioning advocacy in membership discussions online, provides information and “letters of support” when a member seeks to initiate a new captioning advocacy project for her/himself, for for others. While many members of the CCAC are also active in other groups, and support many other resources, including sign languages, outside of the CCAC, the CCAC itself is solely a  “captioning advocacy” organization to raise awareness about communication access via captioning inclusion, and “action” it.

For personal short videos, CCAC members may request a volunteer to caption them. Usually, there are several replies quite quickly, in the CCAC members’ forum online. For companies, celebrities, any media online that is not captioned, advocacy among members requires asking the creator of the video, or the organization offering any event, to include captioning.

In 2012, CCAC also created and produced the film Don’t Leave Me Out!, subtitled in several languages. It’s playing now on many screens…make sure to view it, and use it. Find it on the CCAC web, and on the CCAC YouTube channel. There are several good videos there now. Use them and share them.

Captioning is our  “ramp” for equal communication access, similar to wheelchair ramps which are generally accepted and provided in most countries in the modern world. Let’s ramp up captioning now – it’s time!

From 2009 to date we have done so much captioning advocacy as individuals and as the great CCAC community of hundreds of others that we know we’re making a difference in large and small ways, directly and indirectly. Consumers, Providers, and many others who know how important ACCESS and INCLUSION are for all of us have joined, and there’s progress. Much more to do!

Lauren E. Storck, Ph.D. Founder of the CCAC (deafened) with CCAC members all over the USA and the world. 

E-mail ccacaptioning@gmail.com with any questions. Sponsors and new members invited!