Trainings & Sites of Interest to Court Reporter Students

TRAINING for Captioning and/or CART — Send us your information. These are steno-based trainings, as well as voice recognition trainings. We’ll list other speech-to-text trainings as well. Email

2014 newer listings:

October 2014: academic program – – check out the nice captioned video here

webinars for broadcast captioning training – and

visit PepNet to inquire about their own trainings – for example in Spring 2014: post production media captioning – online courses – QuickClasses on post production captioning.  a new set of QuickClasses which will run May 19 – June 29, 2014. QuickClasses are free, asynchronous, online classes that are pre-approved for CRCC (Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification)  CEs and RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) CEUs. You are not required to be online at any specific time but you will have weekly deadlines to turn in work.  The anticipate time commitment, for these six-week courses, is a minimum of 5 hours per week.  For more information go to or email Cindy Camp at .

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Older but inquire for updates:

August 2013: New York Career Institute Basic Closed Captioning program beginning September 9th. If you’re interested, call 212-962-0002 x 118. – training at home for court reporting and captioning

We know there are others not listed below – email to


BY Bonnie StrivingSteno Feingold 

NOV 28, 2012

(CCAC thanks Bonnie, a student herself, for sharing this good listing with us. As many know, some court reporter students and also experienced reporters move on to become qualified CART providers and captioning professionals. Many more needed globally!)

**NCRA Student Community:

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**Stenographers World:

** — a free CR-related Q&A site 4 any CR topic:

**SimplySteno — online court reporting school:
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**Court Reporters in Training:

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**CRS Nation — A Court Reporting Social Network with over 6,000 members:

**On the Cheap and Sleazy Side


**SearchMaster — 289,000 reference info snippets:

**facebook group, Steno Briefs for Court Reporters:

**facebook group, Encouraging Court Reporting Students:

**Breck Record’s youtube channel — Breck is the founder of the largest Steno Students’ group on facebook, “Encouraging Court Reporting Students” (see above link). Youtube link:…0.0…1ac.1.__Bfq2ps2Hc

**Daily Writing Tips:
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**Free online TALKING dictionary.
This is hands-down the coolest site!!

**The United States Courts:


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— with Denise M DelSorbo Paternoster.

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