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TheaterScreenSayingShowUstheCaptionsSHOW US THE CAPTIONS! Not all cinema have captions yet! More to do and up to you. Keep us informed and we’ll try to help.

Some movie theaters have non-working devices. Talk to them, us, and if no reply, to DOJ. Violation of ADA.

CCAC-Place 2 B 4 Captioning Advocacy, official non-profit, all volunteers,

2016-2017 Many regions and countries lack enough cinema captioning (film subtitles). How can we help you wherever you live? Open captioning is preferred by many (rather than special glasses or devices), yet whatever works for you. Tell us your needs, and your progress too. Step by step – never give up. How can we help?

2014-2015: A focused CCAC CAP (captioning advocacy project) for cinema captioning was done by many folks in 2012, with encouraging success. Advocacy needs on-going! This page will give you information, ideas, and action plans for you to use in your local areas. If you do, tell us about it via email to

Call it captioning or subtitles, we’re interested in what you are doing. For example, CCAC can offer a “letter of support” with you to a local theater who does not have captioned shows for you. What about live theater with quality captioning? That is needed also!

Show Us the Captions! or Show Me the Subtitles! Has a good ring to it! Come on board! It’s up to your local energies to use the information here, and on the Facebook pages, to plan something.

THE 2012 CCAC Cinema Access Campaign was a great success, in many places, especially across the USA, thanks to CCAC members, HLAA and ALDA members too, with other groups participating. HUNDREDS ENJOYED A CAPTIONED FILM!

GOALS: Educate and advocate by going to a captioned film, inviting friends and others to learn about access and enjoy a film too, and saying thanks to the cinema, Background: Starting in July 2012, preparations and publicity for the Campaign were initiated by Sarah W and ALDA-Chicago, and soon joined by the CCAC leadership and membership. Social media and other communication networks were used regularly to inform, send out guidelines and suggestions, answer any questions, and keep in touch with all who showed interest. Some were so excited by the idea that they brought along local groups (e.g. wonderful HLAA, ALDA, SayWhatClub, and other circles) to share the campaign and fun. As a social event, many are interested in doing this, if not each year, from time to time. That first campaign was not designed to push for theaters to begin captioning inclusion for the first time, yet many were encouraged to do that also. As captioning devices and interest in Open Captions is high, now is a good time for you to begin to advocate (again or anew) with your local theaters if none or too few accessible showings are available for you and your families. It’s a pathway of education, speaking with the theater management and staff, making sure devices work prior to any showing, and again, until access is achieved. Some countries, e.g. USA and UK, have many years of huge efforts and advocacy done by many, in many ways, and now good numbers of captioned films, albeit some areas of both countries have none or too few accessible films. In some areas, devices do not work well and consistently. It’s most frustrating to miss part of the film, be offered only a refund (no compensation for time and travel), and confront some ignorance from others who may say they don’t want any captioning. CCAC membership discussions are one good place to bring your new advocacy if you join the CCAC now. One current concern, and an important one, is the lack of working subtitles when they are advertised to be there for your access. Read more on this blog: We used this TIP SHEET: : And also created this short slide video online: CCAC communications on the blog, newsletter, and social media, along with Sarah’s blog: all distributed good information. And more hints or “models” for your local planning here: To begin a new effort, now or for next year:, just a few reminders here — Select a day with your local movie theater if you plan to use captioning devices (of any sort, as compared to open captioning). Discuss numbers in your group with the theater manager in advance, so there are enough devices in good working order. to bring along a few or a crowd to enjoy a captioned movie. Devices need testing prior to the day. Sample flyers were also created to share, see below. To get a clean copy, Sarah,  When you edit one or all, be sure to include the CCAC blue logo and web address on each one, and also shape the text to fit your own event. 3 FLYERS ARE NOW GOOGLE DOCS FOR ALL TO SHARE, CLICK ON: https://docs.googlecom/document/d/1_Y_yjWvjQ-YhAXV5jpKergB-eYFSBqMvLqXi2UHDDGs/edit Please do not comment on this page. Discussions are open on the Facebook page for this advocacy. Or email to – the FB page is:  FINAL LISTING FOR THE NOVEMBER 2012 CAMPAIGN:  17. TEXAS –  Nov 18th Houston TX Santikos Theaters OC Breaking Dawn pt 2, approx 30 in attendance and we signed a thank you card and gave it to them that evening. Thanks for info to Kellie! 16. VIRGINIA – Brenda in group of 12 to see Lincoln at the Columbus Regal Cinema in Virginia Beach, believe used Sony glasses, thanks to all! 15. COLORADO– Report from Sharaine: Lincoln was the film at Regal Colony Square Stadium 12 in Louisville CO, Sony glasses, 26 November and they say,  “…so grateful for innovative technology.” 14. MASSACHUSETTS – Report in from Karen, Boston area, loved using the glasses. Fenway Loews Cinema, Part 2 Breaking Dawn: Twilight Saga on Friday, 11/23/2012. 13. MICHIGAN, USA: Skyfall, Michigan, Flint West Cinema, November 28th..Open Captions. Welcome Michigan to Show us! with thanks to Cody Jo Green.- hear this! 120 folks enjoyed the Open Captioned film, cheers to all. 12. AUSTRALIA – Film Festival participating! Details on this link, – and when you go, say thanks to the theater, and if you can, send us a photo or two. Cheers. 11. COLORADO – Boulder: Sponsoring group: ALDA-Boulder Group (Association of Late Deafened Adults) Location: Cinemark Century Boulder Theaters 1710 29th Street, Boulder CO 80301 Date and times: Friday, November 30th, 2:00 p.m. or 6:15 p.m. Contact: Rebecca Herr, 10. UTAH-CAN: It’s a James Bond kind of week for many of our Open Captioned screenings! Hope you take time to catch it! Here’s a list of the upcoming open captioned movies this week! Thanksgiving Point (Lehi) Skyfall – Sat Nov 10th @ 2:00 pm; Twilight – Sat Nov 17th @ 12:30 pm,The District (South Jordan) Skyfall – Tue Nov 13th @ 9:15 pm; Jordan Commons (Sandy), Skyfall –Wed Nov14th @ 12:30 pm, 3:45 pm, 7:00 pm, 10:15 pm; The Junction (Ogden), Cloud Atlas – Wed Nov 14th @ 6:10 pm; Pineview Stadium (St. George), Skyfall – Tue Nov 13th @ 6:30 pm. 9. CALIFORNIA BAY AREA – November 10, contact Marisa ( or see their Facebook page for information ( – thanks to all involved. SECOND EVENT!

8. FRANCE – Skyfall with subtitles in French, participation by LS and a friend (two people).  Yeah for access however we can find it, and hooray for captioning and subtitles. Will tell theater merci. Thursday, 8 November, 2012 – FIRST EVENT! DONE! WAS FUN :-).
7. ENGLAND. Skyfall with subtitles, participation by LB, CCAC member, November . Happy to have UK in the cinema advocacy campaign this November.
  • Bloomingdale* Cinemark Century Theater 804 Stratford Dr. Stratford Square Mall*The Bloomingdale location is sponsored in cooperation with the HLAA Lincoln Park chapter.
  • Chicago Heights – Marcus Cinema 1301 Hilltop Ave.  – LOCATION -FULLHodgkins –AMC Loews Quarry Cinema 14 –9201 West 63rd St.
  • Lombard – AMC Yorktown 17 80 Yorktown Shopping Center
  • Oak Park  –Classic Cinemas Lake Theater
  • 1022 Lake St. LOCATION -FULL
  • Orland Park  – Marcus Cinema
  • 16350 South La Grange Rd. – LOCATION -FULL
  • Also, week before, on November 10, group saw captioned film in Crystal Lake, thanks all.
  • SPECIAL thanks to Chicago where the campaign was born!
2. KANSAS CITY – November 17, Terri Shirley coordinating. Locations are : AMC 20, AMC 30, AMC Barrywoods (waiting for confirmation), Cinemark Merriam, Cinemark Plaza, Regal. And here is the HLAA Blog from Kansas City with a lot more details: – thanks to all participating!
3. ST. LOUIS, Missouri – Nov. 9 is the day! Patti is the contact person who tells us that the film is Skyfall and to be viewed with Open Captions (OC). News from Patti for St. Louis movie goers: The Hearing Loss Association of Greater St. Louis would like to offer the snack packs free to the first 100 people with hearing loss or who are deaf who come to the social before the movie. Sign up with Mary Stoddard at marystodden@att.netThe snack packs are popcorn and a 16 oz drink which are refillable and also fruit snacks.
4. FLORIDA – November 17, Mary Lou brought a group of 8 to the Cinemark theater in Boca Raton, Florida. Half saw Flight and the other half saw Lincoln. She has a second outing planned for an open captioned showing of Skyfall at a Regal Cinema for November 24th.
5. VERMONT – Marci and Rene reported that their local theater has regular captioning and their best wishes for the campaign from Vermont. majestic10com is that theater. Visit and say thanks anytime.
6. PENNSYLVANIA – Dec. 2nd was a most successful day with over 100 attending in the Philadelphia area. Contact: and kudos to Alan and all involved there, HLAA and more.
Last summer ALDA Chicago Social Chair Sarah Wegley declared November 2012 as “Show Us the Captions!” month. On her blog, Speak Up Librarian, she initiated a theater captioning advocacy campaign which, with sponsorship by the Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC), ultimately spread across the United States and as far away as France, England, and Australia. The Show Us the Captions! advocacy campaign had 4 main goals: 1) Promote captioning to potential movie goers who are unaware their local theater has the service available. 2) Demonstrate the real need for captioning to theater owners. 3) Raise the general public’s awareness of inclusion and accessibility issues. 4) Show appreciation to the cinemas that provide access via captioning. ALDA Inc. threw their support behind the campaign by including an ad in the ALDAcon program book and discussing it at their annual board meeting. Participation from ALDA members outside Chicago included President Elect Mary Lou Mistretta organizing a group of 8 in Boca Raton, Florida and President Brenda Estes coordinating a group of 12 in Virginia Beach. ALDA Chicago held their event on November 17th at 6 different theater locations with a total attendance of 38. Rebecca Herr of the newly formed ALDA group in Boulder, Colorado will be hosting an event (still to come at the time of writing) on November 30. Sarah is pleased to report that the United States had events from coast to coast with representation in Vermont, Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, Utah, and California.  The campaign was open to any organization or individual that wanted to participate. Organizations other than ALDA participating included Hearing Loss Association of America’s Kansas City chapter and Greater St. Louis chapter, the Hearing Loss Association of Pennsylvania, Deaf Counseling, Advocacy & Referral Agency (DCARA) California, Utah-CAN, and Media Access Australia. Captioning at these theater events was provided through either open captions or closed captioning devices. To make access like this possible, in the past ALDA members and attorney John Waldo filed and won lawsuits in 3 states. November, with its emphasis on thankfulness and togetherness, was the perfect month to enjoy a social activity with family and friends and say thank you to those theaters that have made inclusion a reality. ==============================================================
Other reports here:
FROM ST LOUIS,11/10/2012:We had a terrific time last night, about 50 people for “Skyfall” at the Regal Theatre. Two photos attached. So proud of our group! Patti White, Good Sport Captioning, (314) 322 5823.
For this photo: Mary Stodden of Hearing Loss Assoc of greater STL, along with terp and CART provider introducing Rob Henderson of Regal as he explains Sony glasses. CCAC says thanks to all there!
In Philly, folks will be seen wearing this! Thanks Alan and all helping there:
black shirt with red lettering saying Show Me the Captions
From Hobart, Indiana (Chicago Area) – 17 Novemeber’s enjoyment of film Lincoln, with Captivew, and photo by Kim, with thanks! Cheers to the theater and all involved: 3 women, captiview devices shown, all smiling
Flyer 1 for your own edits and your local “group” – you and a few friends, or with your local chapter of any association or organization:

Flyer for Local Group                 Flyer 2 for Media (e.g. this is publicity for local news, local television, however you wish to use it or publicize the day and take reservations; keep in mind that you are planning with the theater, so they have enough captioning devices ready for all, unless they will show OC – open captions).             Flyer 3 for the Theater if they also wish to use it, publicize the event next:

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