Resources and articles to help you advocate

The CCAC offers resources to help people advocate for more captioning and also a library of articles about captioning.

March 2013: CCAC new survey and research report is ready for distribution. The results are loud and clear – people need Captioning inclusion (CART/STTR and Real-Time Captioning) for communications, relationships, and empowerment. Email for your copy of the report that will help consumers, providers and many others to demonstrate the value and vitality of Captioning!   

Captioning is not only for millions of people with hearing loss or deafness. Captioning is also for literacy; e.g. see Captioning is used by many others, with different learning or language needs, e.g. for translations, and for search engine optimization.

Resources to help people advocate for captioning are the new research report cited above, and also…

  1. A CCAC Flyer that can be distributed at meetings
  2. A summary of CCAC objectives and activities that you can use in your own blog or newsletter
  3. Information about disability rights

The library of articles is divided into three sections:

  1. Articles relating to do-it-yourself (DIY) captioning.
  2. Articles about the technologies and processes related to CART and captioning.
  3. Articles about CART and captioning needs and applications.

A complete list by category follows:

DIY Captioning

Tools for DIY Captioning

CART (STTR; Realtime Captioning) and Captioning Technology and Processes 

CART and Captioning Articles and Applications (Edits and additions invited)