Acronyms Used in the World of Captioning

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About “relay” telecommunications (not actually captioning, yet it is “real time” speech to text also) — What is “relay” called in your country?

NG911 = Next Generation 911 (911 is the emergency number in the USA) – newer systems to be rolled out in coming months (or years) – or sooner, e.g. Total Conversation – not an acronym, yet part of NG911 – both video for SL users and also real time captioning for millions of other deaf, deafened, and people with hearing loss or other hearing differences who require text.

EAAC = Emergency Access Advisory Committee – chartered by the FCC to help implement the accessibility features in USA 911 programs

FCC = Federal Communications Commission (USA)

REACH 112 = Europe’s version of 911 – Please advise of edits and additions here.

CART = Communication Access Real Time Translation (Also known as Real Time Captioning, Live Verbatim Captioning) – NCRA uses “Realtime” as one word.

CAT = Computer Aided Transcription (software that takes steno and puts it back into English)

ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act

SL = sign language

SLU = sign language user (we suggest this instead of “Deaf”)

STTR = speech to text reporting (the term used in the UK for real time live captioning)   RTC = Realtime Captioner

CCAC = Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning (you are invited to become a member today!)

IQCU – CCAC Mission = Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally

RERC = Rehabilitation and Engineering Research Center (

ICT = information and communication technologies

NCRA = National Court Reporter Association

NVRA = National Verbatim Reporter Association

CCP = Certified CART provider (USA)

CRR = Certified Realtime Reporter. (USA)

NRPCD (in UK) = National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People

RID (in USA) = Register of Interpreters for the Deaf (not captioning of course)


Adding this one in full until our volunteer web helper has time to create new page and link for us here,with huge thanks to Alan Peacock, CART provider and CCAC member! His list follows:

Deaf Terminology used in Conferences

Abbe de l’Eppe – French teacher of the deaf, credited sometimes for developing sign language

Ameslan – short for American Sign Language, phrase invented by Lou Fant

Audist, Audism – one who discriminates based on ability to hear/speak, prefers oral method.

Aural – pertaining to the ear or sense of hearing, often used in the phrase “oral/aural”

Baker-Shenk, Charlotte – Linguist/Author

Bell, Alexander Graham (may say AGB or A.G. Bell)

Ben Bahan – Famous deaf writer/advocate

Bi-bi method – Bilingual-Bicultural (two languages, two cultures, meaning ASL and English_

Big “D” deaf – culturally identifies as deaf and accepts and lives in and among predominantly deaf

CART – All caps – Computer Assisted Realtime Technology

CASE – Conceptually accurate signed English

CEPIN – Community Emergency Preparedness Information Network

CERT – Community Emergency Response Team

Clerc, Laurent – Frenchman who brought ASL to America and taught Thomas Gallaudet

Cochlear implant(s)(ation) – a/k/a C.I.

CODA – pronounced COE-Duh. Child of Deaf Adults (hearing children with deaf parents) (Note: And

sometimes KODA, kids of deaf adults)

Cogswell, Alice – Deaf daughter of Mason Fitch Cogswell, neighbor to TH Gallaudet, encouraged

Gallaudet to find ways to teach the deaf.

Cokely, Dennis – Linguist/Author

“Deaf President Now” – or DPN, was a student-led campaign in 1987 for a deaf president to be installed

at Gallaudet. Names associated with movement: Dr. Elisabeth Zinser, Dr. I. King Jordan

CSUN – California State University, Northridge (National Center of Deafness there)

Deaf – make sure this translate as “definite” or anything like that. It sounds very basic, I know, but I’ve

seen it happen with people that just never checked.

Deaf and hard of hearing – I write DHARG or DAEF/HARG

DeciBel, deciBels, dB – measure of sound level (the “bel” syllable is from AG Bell, therefore capitalized)

Efron, Amy Cohen– Vlogger and important Deaf advocate

EHDI – pronounced “Eddy”, Early Hearing Detection Intervention

Famous Deaf People: Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, Ludwig van Beethoven, Lou Ferrigno (“The Hulk),

Fingerspell, fingerspelling (one word)

Gallaudet – (pronounced Gaul/a/det or sometimes gaul/you/det) Only university for the deaf, named

after Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. This MUST be in your dictionary. It will definitely come up.

GURC, GURCs – Gallaudet University Regional Centers

Hammer, anvil, stirrup – bones of the middle ear

Handshape, handshapes (one word)

Hard of Hearing and hard-of-hearing. I write HARG for my brief

Hoy, Dennis A. a/k/a “Dummy Hoy”– Baseball Player

Interpret, interpreter, interpreting, interprets, interpreted – these come up a lot. Also affectionately

ISL – International Sign Language

Janice Capilouto Center For the Deaf, also JCCD (Rehab center for deaf in Montgomery, AL)

Lentz, Ella Mae – Poet, Advocate

Lexicon – words/language system

Little “D” deaf – deaf person who does not participate in Deaf culture; medically deaf, not socially

LSQ – La Langue de Signers Quebecoise (French sign system).

Mann, Horace – Early teacher of the deaf, promoted speech and lipreading

Meningitis, Scarlet Fever, measles, mumps, toxic-shock syndrome, Usher’s Syndrome – some causes of

Milan Conference – Encouraged oral-only method for schools in US

Morpheme(s) – linguistic term, smallest part of a word with meaning

NERDA – not even related to deaf adults

OSERS – Office of Special Education Programs and Rehabilitative Services

Phoneme, phonemological – linguistic term meaning smallest part of a word.

Phonology, phonologist, phonologic, phonological

Pidgin English – NOT “PIDGEON” like the bird, but sounds just like it. Sign system using ASL and English.

Prelingual, perilingual, postlingual – before speech, around speech, after speech development

Presbycusis (sounds like prez/by/cue/sis) Age-related hearing loss.

Rehab, rehabilitate, rehabilitation, rehabilitative

RID – Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Rochester Method – signing system, everything fingerspelled except “and.”

Schools at Gallaudet: Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) and Kendall Demonstration School.

SEE, SEE1, SEE2 – Signing Essential English, Signing Exact English, called “see.”

Sorenson –VRS, video relay service, or videophone service provider for the deaf.

Steve Hamerdinger – Alabama name

Stokoe, William C. – Famous linguist, first proposed idea of ASL being a language, not only a gestural

Syntax – word order, not to be confused with “sin tax,” a tax on booze and cigarettes

tinnitus – ringing in the ears. Some people pronounce “tin-it-us” and others say “tin-ITE-us.”

Transliterate, transliteration – conveying message in the same language, but different form, i.e, English

Ubi Duo – Wireless text with this two-piece device

Veditz, George W. – Delivered “Preservation of Sign Language “speech, former NAD president.

Vlog, vlogger, vlogged, vlogs, vlogging

VRS – Video Relay Service Company. Popular ones are Sorenson, IWRelay, LifeLinks, PAH, Snap, Hands-
On VRS, Sprint Relay, Birnbaum Interpreting Services, callVRS, CSDVRS

Acronym Pronunciation Meaning

DSHPSHWA – “dish-PISH-wa” Directors of Speech & Hearing Programs in State Health & Welfare Agencies

EHDI – “Eddy” Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (Texas group is TEHDI, or “Teddy”)

HIPAA – HIP-pa – Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act

HRSA – HER-sa – Health Resources and Services Administration

NCBDDD – (spelled) National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities

NCHAM is “N-cham” National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management

OSERS – O-sirs – Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

Local words that may come up and “other” high-frequency vocabulary:

AIDB – Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind

ASD – Alabama School for the Deaf

Janice Capilouto Center For the Deaf (JCCD)

postsecondary (comes up a lot. I brief it as P*S)

Bedarius Bell (ADRS State Coordinator for Deaf/HOH Services) He is WELL known in the state and the

name will definitely come up during SERID. Sounds like BED-AIR-EE-US, emphasis on the “AIR.”

(Thanks again to Alan – his contact here: Alan Peacock, CAPTION IT!  REPORT IT