Provider Membership Application – Captioning and Related Services

In December of 2017 the CCAC will be eight years old, time flies! In June 2012, CCAC became an official non-profit organization, and with all the interest and activity so far, we aim to see the CCAC survive and thrive. New connections and new captioning advocacy on many levels are made every day. Your participation and support are vital. Providers, consumers, and others who support the CCAC mission combine good energies in the CCAC.

For Providers, a donation of $50 is required, using PayPal on any page of the CCAC website (providers of any services related to captioning.) Please send send the donation at the same time that you apply for CCAC membership.

If you have any questions, please email to We welcome all who support the CCAC mission. Larger amounts are welcome, and all revenue goes solely for captioning advocacy and operations of the CCAC (no paid staff). Thanks to those Providers who understand the CCAC mission and the energies of the CCAC, all volunteers. Annual donations are also welcome!

SPRING 2017 – to expand CCAC membership of providers and students of captioning, we offer a reduced membership. Please email to inquire soon.

CCAC has made a good and significant difference in public awareness about CAPTIONING services (requests and inclusion) over our short life. We also have served many consumers who seek information, advice, and mentoring to obtain captioning. CCAC raises awareness, welcomes new captioning advocates regularly, and does much education for members and the public. CCAC activity boosts the bottom line of all providers!

Donations are tax-exempt in the USA.

Entries marked with an asterisk are required.

Please do use a gmail address if you have one.