CCAC is a unique and supportive community, an official non-profit organization, along with thousands more friends and followers on social media (October 2013: CCAC membership passed 800). We talk with each other online and have occasional meetings in person in the USA and other countries. Arms open to cooperation and collaboration with all other groups interested in access for all, especially those who support captioning inclusion in all places

MISSION: Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally.


Click on this link to join (become a paticipant). Then subscribe to the CCAC members’ forum online – our virtual meeting place 24/7 (a private google group) where captioning advocacy happens every day. CCAC social media and the CCAC blog are public.

CCAC members come from many different backgrounds, including the founder (see below). Some are deaf, deafened, or have a hearing loss or different hearing needs. Some have fine hearing and know the value of captioning for many reasons.

Others are captioning providers, working for companies, non-profits, agencies, or related enterprises. Others are people who know the value of captioning inclusion for languages, literacy, and many other applications in the modern world (autism, tinnitus, noisy places, search optimization, etc.). Hearing or not, families, neighbors and co-workers all invited to join the CCAC. Others involved are educators, disability and technology folks, people who support captioning for other learning and cognitive differences, and many others.

Most members also belong to and support one or more long-established organizations in disabilities, hearing loss and deafness, or technology focused groups. Within CCAC membership itself, all are volunteers for CCAC citizen-inspired captioning advocacy projects (CAPS). We are the newest and a most engaging consumer advocacy network.

The CCAC community shares information, ideas and especially actions, all for new and ongoing captioning advocacy. Advocacy is often a multi-step activity, with a lot of communications, education efforts, and persistence. The CCAC mission is to achieve inclusion of quality captioning universally. It’s needed in so many places!

Captioning advocacy is developed and implemented via discussions and actions in the CCAC members’ forum online, on the blog, in the newsletter, and on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as other campaigns (please see the film and let us know if you want to use it). CCAC aims to have more face-to-face “meet-ups” also in coming months. CCAC welcomes new members and energies regularly.

The founder and leader is a deafened adult who saw the need (late 2009) for a new community to build bridges and energies for more vigorous captioning advocacy. The CCAC community started informally online with seven associates, and grew so rapidly with interest across the USA and internationally that the official non-profit organization began to take shape in June 2012. It has already gained influence and accomplished much. Members are passionate about the need for much more inclusion of quality captioning where none exists now.

The founder’s family has donated the majority of funding to cover annual costs of captioning advocacy to date (2009 to 2015). They compose a small three member Board of Directors. In addition, CCAC teams of consumers and providers work on various captioning advocacy projects, conferring online (e.g. a five-person team to review applications for CCAC sponsorship of Live Captioning for Conferences). More teams welcome!

Donations and new energy for teams are invited from all members and interested others. The founder’s professional and volunteer experiences with other non-profits inform all activities and development of the CCAC. The goal is to sustain this unique volunteer citizen advocacy group until the mission is accomplished. We are not individual stars, we are like you and your neighbors, aiming to create access and inclusion that millions need and deserve every day, via quality captioning on all media, and for live events also.

Lauren E. Storck, Ph.D. – Advocate for Accessibility Equality, Founder and President of the CCAC, an official non-profit organization. 




Photo of people in CCAC FilmThe above photo is a screen shot from the popular CCAC film “Don’t Leave Me Out” with photos of CCAC’ers and others globally. Click on the film link along the top of any page. 

CCAC Team for Conference Grants for Live Captioning – Ann Rodgers, Elsa Dinis-McVeigh, Lauren Storck, consumers; and Patti White and Kimberly Turnage, providers.

Active current CCAC members who advocate regularly are too numerous to mention here. Join the CCAC today and quickly meet them all in the CCAC forum online.

P.S. Many thanks to many volunteers and their energies since the start of the CCAC. Consumers and providers alike are most often “VBP” – very busy people. They are active at work, in other groups, as volunteers and for families. Several also donate time to CCAC advocacy projects, current and past, for the service called CaptionMatch to help anyone find a provider of any sort of captioning, and for keeping us learning together. They know who they are, past and present, and we thank them all. Volunteer groups face change and burn-out as many know – we welcome new members regularly!

To join the CCAC – see the pages on this website. Note that there is a suggested donation. If it’s a hardship, let us know – let’s talk. No one is excluded due to financial constraints.