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2014 – 2015 Sponsoring, or as some say, partnering – or others call it advertising – is essentially placing an advertisement for your company or cause on the CCAC website – it will appear on all our many pages! If you do this, CCAC distributes your information also to hundreds of CCAC members, and thousands of friends, fans and followers!

We are taking only three (3) ads every six months. You will be seen! Your contribution is a great way to support all the captioning advocacy, education, and raising awareness that CCAC volunteers do all the time. The revenue for the CCAC is used solely for captioning advocacy activities. Email CCACaptioning@gmail.com

CCAC is a huge community online across the USA and internationally. CCAC is also an official 501(c)3 non-profit. Your ad allows you to make a contribution to this important work.

The CCAC Mission = Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally. We are advocates, not a company selling services. More training for providers globally is needed, and consumers often need information and encouragement to ask for captioning. So many individuals and groups, even in the USA, have no idea that access and inclusion can be achieved with quality captioning (for all media, and for live events also). Captioning is not only for millions with hearing loss (the great majority of us do not use sign language). Captioning also boosts learning for hearing students, raises literacy, teaches languages, is used by people with autism, by people with tinnitus and no hearing loss, is great in any noisy environment, and more (see newsletters of the CCAC – the list of good reasons grows and grows!).

The CCAC newsletter was published in 2012 and is public here. Lots of informative articles! If you care to re-publish any of them, just ask please.

CCAC small advertisement rates are very reasonable.  Email CCACaptioning@gmail.com.and read below….

More information on this page also: http://ccacaptioning.org/advertise/ and in brief:

Rates Here for 2014:

  • Small vertical ad that will fit in the side bar (side column) of the CCAC webapge. Email for sizing. $100 per month, six months order paid in advance.
  • Sizing for a small ad seems to be this: 187px wide and 250px tall
  • Your image, your ad, is requested in GIF or JPEG format.
  • Your ad goes on EACH page of the CCAC website – and there are many!
  • CCAC also mentions you monthly or more on social media and in the CCAC members forum and other communications. Our reach is huge – we have over 5000 friends, fans, and followers on social media. CCAC also has over 800 actual members of the CCAC. We publish a CCAC blog in addition to all these many webpages. CCAC will mention our partners (advertisers) monthly to all.
  • Our website does not get 10,000 hits yet – yet we are building it rapidly.
  • The pricing here is a valuable pricing – low in terms of the number of people who will know about your ad with us, not only on the website but also on social media where our activity is vigorous and frequent, and for placement on all our webpages.

Each ad can include a link to your organization’s website.


2012: A CCAC newsletter The Power of Captioning© was launched and published six times in 2012. Articles from all issues can be accessed on this website by clicking on the items under the newsletter tab on the menu bar above. Worth reading any year – chock full of information.

All issues are also in pdf format for distribution (with attribution to the website please).

Issue 6 is available now here: https://app.verticalresponse.com/tmp_storage_proxy/vm-app06.sf/opy-of-he-ower-of-aptioning-ov-20-519890339.pdf. It and all earlier issues can be found on this website. Click on the newsletter tab in the menu above. If you have any questions, e-mail ccacaptioning@gmail.com.