Example of acknowledgement e-mail sent to new members

Thank you, [Jane/John Doe], for joining the CCAC.

Next steps:

  1. In a separate e-mail, you will receive an invitation from the CCAC Members Forum Online (the CCAC GoogleGroup) to subscribe and join captioning advocacy discussions. Say hi to all there soon, with something about your interest in captioning inclusion. You can subscribe for all e-mails, a digest or abridged version, or no e-mails. All discussions can be read on the CCAC GoogleGroup webpages.If you don’t see that automatic invite from the GoogleGroup system soon, try signing into google.com (as a user) with your own e-mail address; and go here to request entry into our GoogleGroup: http://groups.google.com/group/ccaxslc.The CCAC Members Forum (the GoogleGroup) is where much of the captioning advocacy takes place (information, discussions, action for advocacy on many levels).
  2. We encourage all CCAC Members to subscribe to the CCAC blog also. It’s easy to do that on left side of homepage of the blog.

All of us look forward to your participation soon and when you have time.

You can send questions at anytime to ccacaptioning@gmail.com.

Lauren/Founder and Executive Director of the CCAC