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Suggested annual donation is $25 for employed consumer, and $50 for providers of any services related to captioning, or $10 for unemployed consumer members (anyone using captioning for hearing/deaf reasons, for language and literacy, for other reasons), Larger amounts welcome. All revenue solely for captioning advocacy activities of the CCAC (no paid staff).

Making your payment/donation/paying dues: Any and all amounts are appreciated anytime. Donations are tax-deductible in the USA. Please use the PayPal link on the website via PayPal or your credit card. The PayPal link is on the right side of all webpages. Click on the “donate” button.

A provider participant says, “We found a passionate group of people in the CCAC, useful insights into accessibility worldwide and a lot of inspiration for our campaigns… thanks!”

A consumer participant says, “I still can’t believe how wonderful this community is. I’ve learned so much, and also can advocate for myself now; thanks CCAC for all you are doing!”

From a professional provider: “Where do you find the energy?! What you are doing for captioning inclusion is unequaled, and I’ve been around the topic for many years. Kudos to the group and it’s leadership.”

From a deaf consumer: “CCAC is a welcoming community, as a consumer the main benefit has been the sharing of knowledge on the subject.  The international aspect with members from across the globe makes for interesting discussions – both technical aspects (how)  and legal (when captioning is required – if only it was ALL the time).  Just as important it is a great place to share enthusiasm and ideas relating to all aspects of captioning and subtitling whether for advocacy, sharing resources, advice on how to caption, or just sharing observations. I thought I was the only one with an interest in it, and I think that is a common misconception. I’m glad I found it.”

From a coordinator of services at an institution of higher learning: “I have learned a great deal of captioning DIY programs (if only I had more time to practice using them :). CCAC keeps me reminded about how many people need this service and energized to advocate for universal design for accessibility. Thanks.” 

“Thanks CCAC ! It’s been a great journey to get this accommodation (theater captioning) and now it’s here thanks to the advocacy of some wonder folks here in Hampton Roads, Virginia spearheaded by Angela Hill ! We’re excited and looking forward to our first show on December 1, 2012. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement ! Together we have achieved this accommodation now being offered ! Lois”

Your voice counts. Captions are our language – the world’s language. Quality captioning is for communications, translations, and collaborations. Conversations and relations! CCAC people are advocates – we ask for, educate, and raise awareness about huge needs for inclusion of quality captioning for all media and for live events also.


All revenue goes solely for captioning advocacy activities (all volunteers, no paid staff). CCAC is unique – we build bridges for captioning advocacy. A “consumer” is anyone who wants, needs, or understands and supports the need for inclusion of captioning for all. Providers are people who do captioning of any sort or related transcription, translation, etc. Choose and Click on one of the links to join, and “send” your form to us – please also Email the CCAC when you submit the form (glitches at times send it to spam and we want to welcome you! –

Why join? Numbers count! If you are an active participant or not, we invite you to show support and interest in the CCAC mission. CCAC is THE ONLY official non-profit doing only Captioning Advocacy locally, nationally, and internationally. CCAC has inspired many to set up local captioning advocacy groups also.

It’s up to each participant to contribute what they can, and if a hardship for anyone, a smaller amount or waiver is honored via an email to (or a note on the application). All revenue goes solely for captioning advocacy activities, e.g. read more on “Advocacy” pages.  

We also welcome non-profit organizations and other associations as “Friends of the CCAC.” . To become a “friend” please send us information so that you can be listed  – go to this link to see the information needed via email to be listed here: (No donation required.)

After you join the CCAC, you will be subscribed to the “abridged” version of the CCAC Members’ Only forum online (one email a day with the topics under discussion, all related to captioning advocacy). You can change that to “no emails” or “all emails” or the “digest” version. The CCAC forum (a google group) is a private working community online. It’s our meetings every day (“not your average list”). We share information, build knowledge, and create local, national, and international Captioning Advocacy Projects (CAPs). Projects range from small to large, e.g., a series of messages to people and places where CART, captioning or higher quality speech-to-text is needed, to working with others to define and implement a larger educational and advocacy campaign for inclusion. If this is all new for you, take your time to join, learn, and then get involved. If you have questions or if the form does not submit automatically, send an e-mail to

“Why didn’t I know about the CCAC before? It’s a life saver! Thank you!” – CCAC member

CAPTION MATCH LOGONEED CAPTIONING OR CART OF ANY SORT for your company, education and training, work, conferences, meetings, self and family? Learn more about a CCAC project that extends education and advocacy called CaptionMatch, – Use it soon! By using CaptionMatch, as a provider or consumer, you show support for all the CCAC advocacy, education, and resources created by our large community of CCAC volunteers, and collaborations with others.