CCAC Film “Don’t Leave Me Out” Launched

We did it! Congratulations to us all.The CCAC Film is now playing on the CCAC website,, the CCAC YouTube Channel,, and on many other screens. Keep it in play everyone! When CCAC members and friends all make a great film, we say together, “Don’t leave us out.” “Don’t Leave Me Out!” is just the newest exciting CCAC CAP (Captioning Advocacy Project) that is part of continuing advocacy for inclusion via captioning. Captioning is our language too. The film premiered by online broadcast and was widely distributed on 13 June 2012, thanks to dedicated energies of many CCAC members and several sponsors (see below for credits, also in the film). The film is a short, snappy, and personal educational video to raise awareness about many everyday places that need captioning inclusion. Another first for the CCAC on launch day was a first CCAC event on Facebook. Hundreds participated, as well as on other social media (especially Twitter). The video was the most popular video on Twitter that day and for several days following, even as we go to press here. Find CCACaptioning on the social media now, and keep the film active! Watch real people speaking about real captioning and subtitle needs, in so many everyday situations, and all around the world. A third piece of the special June day was inclusion of an article on a USA government website here: CCAC suggests this article be used with the film for discussions. It was an honor to write it. “Don’t Leave Me Out!” was also shown at the IFHOH Congress in Norway to a round of applause, and is scheduled to be viewed at two other conferences this summer. We appreciate this, and welcome requests and invitations to show the film in many places as the months progress – just e-mail The CCAC film aims to share the film widely and at no cost to anyone using it. If you use the CCAC film for any event, class, or website, please inform us. If time permits, we are also available to show the film for your discussion circle, conference, or fundraising event. The film’s subtitles were translated by volunteer professionals into several languages. See this page to view the film in French, German, Italian, Greek, Hebrew, and Spanish, with additional automatic translations online also. Read more about how the film was made at Raising awareness of hearing loss and deafness is vital. These are invisible disabilities that are important to regularly and vigorously talk and write about. The difference our volunteer advocates are making is evident in the summaries of the CAPS in each issue of this newsletter and our networks are growing. That’s what it’s all about.

Sponsors for the  CCAC Film Project, with Very Special Thanks!

Anonymous, 3 CCAC Members, USA

Convotex, GbR,, Germany

CulturAbile,, Italy

EFHOH,, Europe

Galindo Publicidad Inc.,, USA

Kombia,, Germany

Melel Media,, Australia

O’Malley Communications Ltd,, UK

Stagetext,, UK

Sub-Ti Ltd, , Italy and UK

The Captioning Studio, Pty, Ltd,, Australia