Management Minute and Consumer Comment

Captioning training is a booming business. What is your company doing to find services, and to support the CCAC? CCAC is the only consumer organization of its kind in the world, growing rapidly.

If you are a manager or aim to become one, of any business or company, for-profit or not-for-profit, think about making a small investment in “deaf awareness” training that includes a demonstration of professional captioning services – for a work meeting, for half a day when you invite clients to vist your premises, or to teach your staff that deafness and hearing loss needs captioning inclusion.

Need more details or want to brainstorm about ideas? E-mail us.

A recent consumer member comment:

“I’d like to say thanks for all the work being done in the CCAC. I can honestly say (I’m impressed by) the dedication in this group and its impact around the world, both on and off the Internet. I hope to help!”