Issue 4 – June 2012

Issue 4 – Table of Contents (click on the article title to open)

Inclusion is Not Accessibility
Film Update: “Don’t Leave Me Out!”
Meet CCAC Consumer Member Michele Linder
Vermont, The President, and Captioning Advocacy
Tech Corner: Roll Your Own Captions: Part Two
Management Minute and Consumer Comment
Summary of April/May CCAC CAPs (Captioning Advocacy Projects)

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What is “The Power of Captioning”?

This is a concept that is vital for the mega-millions of citizens who are …

  • Learning to read text in class, television, online
  • Learning a new language
  • In need of translations
  • Benefiting from immediate transcription, without requiring note takers or a flawless memory
  • Employed and working with different accents, poor acoustics, noisy backgrounds – to boost productivity
  • Managing productive lives with different learning and listening styles
  • Doing business to reach wider markets via Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Using captioning in situations rather than increasing volume, so as not to disturb others
  • Navigating life with different hearing or no hearing (46 million people in USA alone, one in five globally) to contribute valuable skills and abilities

Staff for Issue 4

Lauren E. Storck, Executive Editor
Pearl Feder, Interview
Michael Lockrey, Tech Corner
Jean Cigogne, Operations Assistant
Contributor, Norma Miller

All named above are CCAC members, all volunteers. Submissions for all issues are welcome from non-CCAC members also.

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