Organizational Friends

CCAC reaches out to any non-profit organization to “join hands” here  – we link to your organizational website – and welcome collaborations for captioning inclusion universally. Deaf or hearing non-profits, please get in touch soon. CCAC “Organizational Friends” are valued allies in our shared interest and advocacy for inclusion of quality captioning universally. There is still so much more to do!

Contact the CCAC or simply send us the contact information as listed below for others. An “organizational friend” carries no cost nor obligation; while donations to support CCAC (all volunteers) is always welcome! We link to your web below, aim to build bridges for captioning inclusion, and show support for the CCAC mission and goals – and support your goals related to captioning matters too.

The CCAC supports captioning initiatives from others in established groups and from individuals who are members of the CCAC or not. CCAC writes letters of support for individual captioning needs, promotes new legislation, develops comments to the FCC, DOJ and other U.S. government entities, and joins efforts internationally. The CCAC initiates its own “CAPs” (Captioning Advocacy Projects) to foster CCAC’s mission.

CCAC Organization Friends below in order of joining. Please scroll down to see newest friends, and get in touch soon if your organization is not included yet.

EFHOH – Euopean Federation for the Hard of Hearing  E-mail:

Administrative office in Stockholm, Sweden. EFHOH is registered in the Netherlands as an NGO.

Institute for Human Centered Design

(Also the New England ADA Center)

200 Portland Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02114, USA

Contact: Valerie Fletcher, Executive Director
1.617.695.1225, ext.226  V/TTY; 1.617.482.8099; Cell: 617 259 8643

OESB-Austrian Umbrella Organisation for hard-of-hearing people E-mail:

Sperrgasse 8-10/9, 1150 Vienna, AUSTRIA and
Gasometergasse 4a, 9020 Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA

Contact: Mr. Harald TAMEGGER

(The Annual EFHOH AGM and Conference in Vienna, April 2011, welcomed a presentation by the CCAC about captioning and its benefits for all. Just following, the CCAC decided to invite and welcome “organization members” to foster continuing exchange and the mission of the CCAC for all interested.)

ALDA – Association of Late Deafened Adults E-mail:

ALDA, Inc., 8038 Macintosh Lane, Suite 2,  Rockford. Illinois, 61107
See the website for chapter locations.

Contact person: Cynthia Amerman

SayWhatClub E-mail:
Located online only.

Contact person–Donna Penman

Silent Echo of Harmony, Inc

Blog: Website coming soon.

Location: Clarkdale/Austell, GA

Captions for Literacy E-mail:

351 East 84th Street, Suite 22 B, New York, NY  10028-4457

Contact person: Executive Director, Laura Lou Meadows.
Contact person: Director, John Y. Taggart

Respeaking on A.I.R. E-mail:

Ussana, Calgiari, Sardinia, Italy

Contact person: Francesca Marchionne

National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) E-mail:

8224 Old Courthouse Rd., Vienna, VA 22182

Court Reporters, Captioners, CART professionals (real time captioning), and more.

Contact person: Adam Finkel

Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of the Deaf (HEARD) E-mail:
Location: Washington, DC

The Estonian Association of Hard of Hearing

Contact: Board Member:

The Westport Playhouse

Westport, Connecticut, USA E-mail: (Mr. ross is the Managing Director)
We are happy to include this community theater as a friend. They will be offering captioned performances beginning in May 2012! Please consult their website for more information.

Arts & Disability Ireland

4th Floor, Sean O’Casey Centre, St Mary’s Road North
East Wall, Dublin 3, Ireland

+353 (0) 1 8509002; +353 (0) 87 6445754
Contact: Amie Lawless, Office Manager

Asia Pacific Federation of the Hard of Hearing and Deafened (APFHD)
APFHD is an federation of organizations of people who are hard of hearing and deafened in Asia-Pacific.

Contact Info: Secretariat: APCD – 255 Rajvithi Road, Rajthevi, Bangkok 10400 Thailand

Phone # 66-(0)-2354-7505-8 Fax # 66-(0)-2354-7507

Email:; Web:

Media Access Canada

Toronto, Canada (B. Milligan, CEO)
MAC works with stakeholders and users of accessible media to bring about a fully accessible broadcast day.

International Federation of Hard of Hearing People – please see the website for more information

Deaf People Association (Malta) 

45 Lascaris Wharf, Valletta, VLT 1921, Malta,

email:, website:,

facebook group:

Contact: Steven Mulvaney (President)
CulturAbile  (Italy)
Subtitling, Respeaking, Speech-to.Text, Audiodescription
Rome Area; Contact Person: Saveria Arma

Pepnet 2 – Postsecondary Educations Program Network – USA



Person to contact: Cassie Franklin (email above)

Hearing Link – UK

Hearing Link: Head Office, 27-28 The Waterfront, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN23 5UZ

Accessible Technology Coalition;

Center for Accessible Technology

3075 Adeline, Suite 220, Berkeley, CA 94703
(510) 841-3224;
Contact: Lisa Wahl,
OR-CAP  — Oregon Communication Access Project
Contact – Clark Anderson, 

Described and Captioned Media Program

1447 E Main St

Spartanburg, SC  29307 or Jason Stark, Director,


Wash- CAP
Washington State Community Access Project
Attn: Dean Olson
11300 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite 101
Seattle, WA 98125E-
HOB VoG in Belgium – Association for Hard of Hearing and
Rothfeld 8
B – 4701
Email in German:
Email in French:
Video Chat available
California Court Reporters Association
65 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


Nonprofit VOTE

89 South Street, Suite 203, Boston MA 02111

Thank you Organization Friends of the CCAC – if you care to join the CCAC as an individual member too, please do! Then you will see all membership discussions online, and participate in our projects. Easy to join from this webpage, go to We’re ready to talk about captioning inclusion.

CCAC invites the TDI (Telecommunications for the Deaf), the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), The A.G. Bell Association and others to join as “friends” also. All do good advocacy for so many years, for captioning inclusion also, among broader and wider goals. Others who support the CCAC mission are welcome here – parents groups, educators, access organizations, non-profit business groups, etc.  Organizational membership is free and there is no obligation. Show your support for CCAC volunteer advocates for captioning inclusion wherever needed. 

Organization friends are strongly encouraged to select an individual to become a full CCAC member, still free also, and participate in the CCAC members – only forum online to keep up to date with active captioning advocacy among membership, and to add information from their organization when it fits.

Consider also becoming a Sponsor. There are several opportunities. Please contact the CCAC to join or for details about sponsorship.

Please note that all individual provider members are listed here. If you are a provider, please check your entry and send any updates to

And the newest spoke on the CCAC wheel, if you are looking for captioning of any sort, is the service online called CaptionMatch. Please go to the website to register and for more information, – just ask! for captioning or CART you need.

Thanks all! Together we are moving forward for the CCAC Mission: Inclusion of quality captioning universally.