The CCAC has a  Members’ Forum – for CCAC members only. We currently use a googlegroup.

CCAC is a membership community. To become a member –  to join the CCAC – use one of the membership forms on this website. Click on “become a member” to the right. Submit the form.

Then, after joining, you will get an email that invites you to subscribe to the current CCAC forum online, a GoogleGroup. Subscribe for all emails, none, or digest or abridged for one email a day with a list of great discussions and information about captioning news and how to advocate for what you need.

Access to the Forum also requires a Google account, even if you do not use a gmail address.  If you already have a gMail account, then you also have a Google account. If not, you can obtain a free Google account by clicking here.


Hear this: Need CART or Captioning? to learn more and support CCAC activities focused on captioning education, raising awareness, and advocacy for inclusion.