Forum-Let’s Talk Captioning!

CCAC has a superb online Members’ Forum – for CCAC members only. Focus is Captioning of course – advocacy, news, education, raising awareness and related. Your voice is invited!

 We currently use a googlegroup. Over 500 of our 800+ CCAC participants are subscribed to the CCAC forum. Nothing else like it anyplace. CCAC is an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization, not merely a “group” on social media, not one person alone – we are a community. You are needed too. Join today.

(If the suggested small donation is a hardship for any user (consumer), just tell us and it’s waived.) The CCAC forum is where the action is for Captioning Advocacy. 

Why? A core group online (varying names, many active members, and occasional valuable input from many) discusses captioning advocacy news and projects almost every day. New people join with great questions and suggestions. Hundreds read and use the information locally and for themselves, or for their other groups of various kinds. Requests for information are replied to. Hot news comes into the forum first, before social media. If you don’t like too many emails, an abridged forum subscription with topics (or the digest of messages) is only one email a day.

CCAC is proud of the community participants! So much good happens for captioning inclusion. And in spite of much on social media, this forum remains unique and valuable.

Collaborative for Communication Access Via Captioning

Look at the Advocacy page on this website – see a selection of the many great captioning advocacy projects from CCAC volunteers and others. Join us.

CCAC is an individual participant community, i.e. individuals join (not companies, not agencies, not organizations – though we welcome “organization friends” also). Your own voice is what we like to see, no matter if you are a consumer (user of captioning for any reason), a provider of any sort of captioning, anyone from anyplace who understands the needs for much more access with quality captioning for many good reasons. All welcome who support the CCAC mission – Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally. Hearing or not, active or not, user or provider, from technology, user experience, education, disability studies, and many more.

Join the CCAC – use one of the membership forms on this website. Click on “become a member” to the right. Submit the form.

Then, after joining, you will get an email that adds you or invites you to subscribe to the current CCAC forum online, a GoogleGroup. Subscribe for all emails, none, or digest or abridged for one email a day with a list of great discussions and information about captioning news and how to advocate for what you need.

Access to the Forum also requires a Google account, even if you do not use a gmail address.  If you already have a gMail account, then you also have a Google account. If not, you can obtain a free Google account by clicking here.


Hear this: Need CART or any sort of Captioning? is a volunteer-managed service of the CCAC, non-profit, to learn more and support CCAC activities focused on captioning education, raising awareness, and advocacy for inclusion. or