Find a Captioning Provider (Media and Real Time)

CCAC invites you to use a new service called CaptionMatch created by the CCAC in November 2012 to find any sort of captioning service you need.

Captioning creates access for all media, videos, Internet, television, films and more. Real Time Captioning allows access and inclusion for live events of any sort, education, training programs, conferences, meetings, webinars online, and more (real time is also called CART or STTR).

CaptionMatch makes it easier for anyone – organizations, companies, and individuals  - to ask for captioning of any sort easily online. Timely replies, guidance, and understanding of your captioning needs and scenarios are online too. CaptionMatch extends the education and advocacy mission of the CCAC – inclusion of quality captioning universally.

CaptionMatch also offers providers an simple way to fill extra hours if interested in additional work, and also to find sub-contractors.


Please read more on the site today. Then register (free) as a consumer (user) or as a provider. Consumers place requests online for captioning (or subtitles), RTC (realtime captioning also called CART and STTR) or for related services (e.g. transcripts for Sign Language videos and presentations).

CaptionMatch is responsive to captioning requests for “one time” captioning (e.g. one meeting, one conference, one video) or for regular recurring needs, e.g. every week of several months or longer.

Providers who are registered will respond with questions and/or proposals for you and the organization. Requests are anonymous until a provider is selected and a “match” is made.

Registered providers agree to pay CaptionMatch a small fee for the service, and all revenue from CaptionMatch is solely for CCAC captioning advocacy activities.

CaptionMatch users (consumers and organizations) are able to ask providers questions, and check references, as usual before buying any service. Email:

CaptionMatch is a unique and original service – not only easy to use online, but where you can compare prices from different providers. Try it soon! and support the CCAC at the same time. CCAC is all volunteers!


Additional resources to find a provider:

Three states in the USA now maintain a “registry” of CART providers, Illinois and New Jersey and Arizona. If you know of others, please email us.

See, for Illinois, and for New Jersey, For Arizona,

NCRA offers a search function on their website to find a CART provider by your location. Go to

Also, separately from CaptionMatch, those CCAC provider members who have paid annual dues (initiated after four free years in 2014) are listed here alphabetically by State and also outside the USA by country.

CCAC provider members with any questions – please email

CCAC consumer members with any questions, please email anytime also,


Many providers travel and/or offer “remote” captioning services in their region or globally. This “CCAC” listing of provider CCAC members is different and separate from the listing of CaptionMatch Providers on that site.