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CCAC – The Place 2 B 4 Captioning Advocacy! Volunteer citizen captioning advocates, internationally. Official non-profit organization. Your voice counts!

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Cross Stitch Created by CCAC Member in appreciation for the CCAC

CCAC is the only grass-roots consumer advocacy organization with a sole focus on captioning advocacy and captioning inclusion (captioning of all sorts), still often missing in many places. CCAC has attracted extraordinary interest and enthusiasm from so many members, friends and followers (thousands), and one example is the lovely creation in the photo. Thanks Kym!

During the first 24 organizational months (2010 and 2011), CCAC grew so rapidly, there was so much interest and good participation, that CCAC became an official non-profit organization in June 2012. We seek your interest and your support to carry forward all the good education and advocacy done so far.

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2014: Keep your eyes open for the newest CCAC advocacy project – CCAC Sponsorship for CART. A page will describe program guidelines and have the application  – see Home and open tab called Advocacy. Email anytime to

Another new educational, advocacy, and action spoke on the CCAC wheel is called Ask for captioning of any sort using CaptionMatch and support the CCAC volunteers!

Revenue collected on, similar to donations to the CCAC, is solely for continuing CCAC’s many captioning advocacy projects nationally and internationally.

CCAC invites all to try this new and service online called CaptionMatch to ask for any captioning of any sort. Register and place your request. Requests and replies (proposals) from providers are both anonymous online until a “match” is made between the consumer and the provider chosen.  See more information here: or email to

CaptionMatch is not a captioning company, yet a new option for anyone, anywhere, at anytime to ask for captioning (including CART) of any sort, and for providers to find work to fill extra hours. CaptionMatch also offers a way for providers to find other providers (sub-contractors). Read over the site and send us any questions or suggestions you have.

Partnerships, supporters, and advertisements are invited for the CCAC, email us soon.

The founder and executive leader of the CCAC and CaptionMatch, Lauren E. Storck, Ph.D., advocate for accessibility equality, is available for presentations or short consultations.

(Some of above are among new projects to build revenue for the CCAC. Fundraising energies, including grant-writers, are invited. Join in! This is not to replace all the rich information and advocacy done regularly in CCAC membership discussions. Membership in CCAC is open to all who support our mission.)