CART and Captioning Needs and Applications

CART is the acronym for real time live captioning – Communication Access Real Time Translation – showing accurate text for all speech and sounds at the same time anyone is speaking, noises being made, etc.  The text is immediate, full verbatim text, on a screen, on a mobile device, on a computer. It’s used in classes, conferences, meetings, webinars, and more. It’s provided by professionals on-site (in the room) or remotely (using Internet and microphone connections).

Captioning refers also to media captioning – all media (television, Internet, films, movies, and more) –  created by a captioner real-time or post-production (after the film or video or DVD is created). CCAC advocates for all media to have inclusion of quality captioning, easy to find, easy to turn on, or ON all the time.

CaptionMatch is a service from the CCAC to support all the many valuable activities of the CCAC organization (education, website resources, online members’ forum, individual support and information, and especially regular and vigorous continuing captioning advocacy done by volunteers). If you need to find a captioner or CART provider, please go to now to register and then place your request.







FAQs about CART – page developed by the CCAC with further good information.

Video: created by Ontario Access about attorney using captioning and CART

General information from NCRA about CART,

These following CCAC articles deal with CART and captioning in a variety of settings. Feel free to use with attribution to the CCAC and our web address, and let us know where you use them:

Additional information: is information about real time captioning (CART) for users/consumers and providers from a local Oregon (USA) captioning advocacy organization.

NCRA publishes this document, see especially from page 30 down for standards:

DCMP, a long established organization to foster access with captioning and description for education publushes this captioning key for media – detailed and worth reading:

NVRA is a different organization (verbatim reporters) which is a different method (voice writing or re-speaking) used now by some providers to create real time captioning – rather than steno, the traditional method. Standards are somewhat different (accuracy and speeds), from NCRA standards (e.g. 95% accuracy and slower speed for certification).

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