“Captions Capture Votes” – Candidates & Elected Officials Must Caption!

NOW is a great time to talk to your Members of Congress. They are in the headlines. Tell them you need Quality Captioning on all their videos, including media on Facebook. Advise them to have Live Captions at their upcoming Town Halls or other live events for a good audience.

Say thanks to them if they understand. Offer to help them “action” access with quality captioning. Read below. Tell us how to help you. Let’s Talk Captioning. Email soon: CCACaptioning@gmail.com

SAME for your State elected officials, your City government too. Talk to them, meet with them. 




November 2016. Votes counted. Thanks to everyone who asked for CAPTIONING this season from any candidate! Captions count. 

During a long election year, this candidate for a local city council seat used Live Event Captioning. We thanked her! Maggie Duwe in Kirkwood, Missouri. Many in the back of the room, not hard of hearing, were pleased to read the captions and know what was going on! Photo shows it all (Captioning Pro was Patti White, Good Sport Captioning).

capture the votes Kirkwood2






VOTERS AND CANDIDATES AND ELECTED OFFICIALS: Informed voting is vital. This important election year 2016 the campaign called “Captions Capture the Votes” continues. It educates, raises awareness, and advocates for access to candidate messages on all media media and during live events with quality captioning, the world’s language.
CCAC VOLUNTEERS invite your participation on any level (local, state, national) to contact your candidates of choice and urge them to use quality CC on their media, not only on TV, but importantly, on all videos. (Machine captioning is not equal communication access). They also strongly encourage all candidates to plan a live event as soon as possible with Live Event Captioning (CART). Without quality real-time captioning, millions are left out.
FOR MORE information, please use the resource online here: http://ccacaptioning.org/captions-capture-the-votes/ and email the CCAC soon to let us know who is helping. Information on “how to” is on that page. Send us your suggestions and any questions from candidates you talk with. Email to CCACaptioning@gmail.com
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Good Video to show others, thanks Minnesota! http://mn.gov/deaf-commission/get-involved/voting/candidate-campaign-ad-captioning/

Chat with the CCAC team or on your own. Keep us posted. Talk to your candidate(s) of choice – local, state, or national. CCAC captioning advocacy ideas can be used in any country. 

YES! IT CAN BE DONE – See photo (November 2015). Thank you Assemblyman Dababneh in California:

photo of Assemblyman Dababneh, California Town Hall Meeting shows screen at front of stage with Live Captioning in action - speech to text used by audience

THE CCAC FACEBOOK ADDRESS FOR THIS CAMPAIGN IS https://www.facebook.com/Captions-Capture-the-Votes-610967952314071/ and also check into https://www.facebook.com/ccac.captioning, the main CCAC FB page.




USE OR EDIT OR WRITE YOUR OWN – HERE ARE TWO MORE MODEL ADVOCACY LETTERS FROM CCAC MEMBERS. PUT CCACaptioning@gmail.com on your “cc” line please so we can say thanks to you and help if you want us to echo your good words to your candidate or your elected official:

Letter 1:

BEING a candidate is a big job across the USA. Bravo to you for your energies locally, state-wide, and nationally.
TO  REACH MANY more voters, we citizens ask you to hold an event soon with LIVE EVENT CAPTIONING. This is real-time speech-to-text displayed on a screen for all in the audience to see during a town meeting, a speech indoors or outdoors, or anyplace you appear before a group in public.
Indeed, if anyone asks for captioning, for any public event anyplace, it falls under ADA laws
Also, please ensure all campaign VIDEOS have good quality captioning at all times. Lack of captioning excludes millions. Use of machine captions (auto-generated) produces text full of errors (often ridiculed).
Yes, many need and deserve captions. It’s not terribly complicated nor costly either.
Quality Captioning for live events and all videos can lead to a WIN instead of a LOSE.
Voters want to see your message. 48 million AMERICANS have a hearing loss. Other millions don’t have English as a first language. Overseas, many people are watching and English captions are useful. Hearing voters remember your message better with captioning inclusion.
Most do not use sign language (always important if requested). Captioning has power for everyone there, even many citizens who have very slight hearing loss. The goal is access and inclusion. A live event captioning professional will work with you to explain the set-up (e.g. so as not to interfere with any security concerns), costs and related.
Video captioning is virtually free – start with the free YouTube system, and have a volunteer edit and correct those – the whole process if free.
Our organization, all volunteer citizen advocates, is a captioning advocacy group (readhttp://CCACaptioning.org). We are here to advise you, help you find the captioner, answer any questions, and get you started.  Captioning is understood as a “universal resource.” Email soon toCCACaptioing@gmail.com.
If you hold a Live Event soon with Captioning, tell us and we’ll distribute that information widely! When all your videos use quality CC, let us know and we’ll show thousands of others.
We look forward to your reply, with any questions you have.
CCAC Team for Captions Capture The Votes
With over 5000 members, friends, fans and followers.
http://CCACaptioning.org. We ask for Quality Captioning Universally. Volunteer citizen captioning advocates, international. Official 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. Contact: CCACaptioning@gmail.com
Letter 2:


We want to share a campaign strategy that we believe will enhance a WIN for the candidates who use it.

It works like this.

At all of your public campaign events during Election 2016 we recommend using live captioning to convert the spoken word into accurate text and display it on a big screen (or two) for all to see – live, real-time, at the event.

Why is this important?

This is best practice in universal design. It will ensure your political messages will reach as many voters as possible. The entire audience that attends on the day will be able to see (and read) your messages and this makes them easier to retain and comprehend.

Furthermore, if it’s an event that is filmed and shared online (i.e. YouTube, etc) then you also have an accurate transcript as a by-product from the event and that’s easily converted into a caption file for voters who missed the event in person.

In addition, we suggest that ALL your campaign videos, on all media (on the Internet also) use quality captioning (not machine). That is easily done in a free YouTube or Vimeo system, or one you prefer.

Remember, voters want to see your message. We would like to help you get started as soon as possible, with more information, provider names, or other questions you may have. Contact us at: ccacaptioning@gmail.com

Kind regards,

The CCAC Team for Captions Capture The Votes


Read more about the CCAC – Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning – official 501(c) non-profit organization, all volunteers, representing 50 million American citizens with hearing loss and millions more who require quality captioning due to other language or learning needs. http://CCACaptioning.org

Captions Capture the Votes is a non-partisan advocacy project. The candidates and elected officials to contact are your choices.


image of person speaking with real time captioning used

HEAR THIS -CAPTIONS CAPTURE VOTERS!  Millions of voters pay attention to campaigns that include quality captioning – for all media, and for live public events. 

CANDIDATES – adding Quality CC to your media, and planning a Live Event with Live Captioning is vital. We’re here to help.  

Machine captions (automatic)) on your videos are not good enough. Free and easy to correct them! If you do, and also have at least one live event with captions for all, we’ll shout about your campaign nationally to thousands. The CCAC YouTube Channel may highlight selected videos also. (Our own CCAC Channel gets more hits than some government channels!).

Get your message out to voters with quality captioning – not only for millions with hearing loss and deafness, but also for so many others with language differences. Captions communicate! Voters need to understand your messages.

CCACaptioning.org – The Place To Be For Captioning Advocacy. Official non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Email today to participate and share information, ideas, and discussions. Email to CCACaptioning@gmail.com


Voters: An added way to advocate is to write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper about why you and many others need quality captioning.





A FACEBOOK PAGE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN IS HERE: USE IT SOON FOR QUESTIONS, UPDATES FROM YOUR REGION, AND DISCUSSIONS:. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Captions-Capture-the-Votes/610967952314071?ref=hl

FLYER FOR DISTRIBUTION – TELL US WHERE YOU ARE USING IT PLEASE – IN ALL PLACES IS GREAT – WE JUST WANT TO SAY THANKS – FOR THE PDF, open this link: file:///C:/Users/Lauren/Downloads/ccac%20captions%20capture%20the%20votes%20flyer%20PRINT.pdf or if you prefer, email us.

Captions Capture the Votes Flyer for wide distribution to all candidates and voters

Captions Capture the Votes Flyer for wide distribution to all candidates and voters


SAMPLE SHORT MESSAGE TO POST ON CANDIDATES WEBPAGE CONTACT FORM (if you do not see any direct emailing address on the person’s campaign site):

“We want to send you an important message for your election campaign. What is your email address? Please read more now on http://ccacaptioning.org/captions-capture-the-votes/ and we look forward to your reply ASAP please.”
Your name here – and “with the CCACaptioning.org, volunteer citizen advocates”
“Please read our non-partisan message ASAP and get back to us. Go to http://ccacaptioning.org/captions-capture-the-votes/. It’s a non-partisan national campaign. We need candidates’ participation. Questions or replies please to CCACaptioning@gmail.com(p.s. I vote in <your state here>).

TO CAPTION YOUTUBE VIDEOS: YOUTUBE (Google) introduces new instructions for quality captioning. See this new video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCZ-cxfxzvk&feature=youtu.be. Easy for anyone to use! (There is also new “crowd” captioning in development there. Automatic machine only captioning? Not good enough! Use this feature for shorter videos, upload your transcript for longer videos, and keep eyes open for the “crowd” feature (has pro’s and con’s – discuss in CCAC members’ forum online!)

Here is another model email for your use when you know the Candidate’s email address. You may want to ask at the State Party Committee (for Democrats, for Republicans, for third Party also if you wish). Please edit for your State or in other ways you want to, show it to us via email, and distribute:

logo for campaign
We are writing to encourage you to include communication access for your campaign! This is done by using quality captioning (subtitles) for all your media, both TV and importantly for your Internet video messages also! We urge you to use live captioning (real time captioning) for your public events too, starting now.
If you do this, we will say public thanks, and also publish your name on a listing we will distribute to wide networks of voters.
Millions of Americans have a hearing loss. Millions more need quality speech-to-text (captioning and real time captioning) due to different language or other needs. Get your message out to all! Use captioning. Start planning for this today!
Your Name Here, with the CCAC – volunteer citizen advocates for equal communication access, read more on http://CCACaptioning.org
P.S. f you need guidance to find a caption provider, please read more about a CCAC service —http://CaptionMatch.com (not a captioning company and does not sell services – it is an information resource to find the captioning person you need for your media, and also for your live events).

FOR MEDIA, any hearing volunteers in the candidates’ circles can learn to edit and correct the usually poor automatic machine cc on YouTube (or on Vimeo). There are many easy-to-follow tutorials online. See below.

FOR LIVE EVENTS, CCAC has lists of providers state by state. Some states have many companies, others few. Live captioning can also be done “remotely” by a provider in another state if there is good Internet and audio in the venue (auditorium, meeting room, even outdoors at times.)


How to include captioning of any sort (media or live realtime) is usually best done with the selected provider. They are the ones with the technical and equipment experience and the ones to demonstrate and set up captioning for any situation. They will confer with others needed, e.g. an audio-visual person at the venue.

CaptionMatch and CCAC have information about providers for media and also for live realtime captioning (RTC also called CART).

Google searches for captioning providers bring up many companies nationally. Not the best way, but it works with time.

 DCMP lists and NCRA lists are online too. See below.

WHO PAYS? WHAT’S THE COST? HOW WILL I PAY FOR IT? (Most candidates may ask you):

a. Media captioning is free or low cost. It does not require a large budget line.

b. Live events are not as costly as many many think. The rough average cost is estimate of 100 for a one hour presentation, pricing varies across the USA, can be more or less.

c. In general, it’s the venue that pays for live captioning – for access to their building and event. If it’s a public event, and anyone asks for access with captioning, they must find a way to pay for it. At the same time….

d. We encourage all candidates to build access into their budgets from day one, not as an afterthought. Access to information is vital, for all citizens. It’s also the right thing to do.

Hear this: CCAC aims to help anyone or any group find a captioner for media or live events. A free clearinghouse service (to locate a provider) called CaptionMatch was designed by a CCAC volunteer and active for about 5 years. Now on hold as the system considers an update, a simple email asking how to begin your search is all you need. CCACaptioning@gmail.com.

DCMP – http://www.dcmp.org/ai/10/ probably the best known national resource around, There is a good listing of “vendors” of captioning services, and also, on a different page, a detailed learning page – http://www.dcmp.org/ciy/

CCAC – http://CCACaptioning.org – many informational pages to learn more, find additional information. All invited to join. The more members the better for the mission -inclusion of quality captioning universally. All volunteers. Offiial non profit (501c3).

NCRA has system online (or telephone them) – https://www.ncra.org/ and Toll Free: (800) 272-6272 (NCRA)  – they have a listing online, seems hidden so email them.

http://www.stenosearch.com/ another online resource

TUTORIAL for YouTube video captioning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCZ-cxfxzvk&feature=youtu.be.%20 and read: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2734796?hl=en

FOR VIMEO videos – read here: http://vimeo.com/help/faq/managing-your-videos/captions-and-subtitles#how-do-i-add-caption-and-subtitle-files-to-my-videos

Don’t hesitate to contact CCACaptioning@gmail.com