CART and Captioning for Education, Literacy, Graduations, Learning

CAPTIONING FOR ALL MEDIA used in any educational setting should be required. It boosts learning for hearing students also.

READ this article with so many good references – Captioning benefits all!

CAPTIONING IN THE CLASSROOM (live event captioning or cart captioning) must be offered if it’s what any student needs for full access and inclusion. A mind cannot be wasted or underserved! Yet so many have to ask and ask and ask too many times to get this resource.

2016 important study – 

Some articles to help advocate: 

And by a CCAC member in the UK:

Another one: – literacy and learning, precious tools! Teachers and parents, turn on the captioning.


CAPTIONS FOR LITERACY TOO, and see more references below. Let’s read!

Is there live captioning (CART/STTR) in your school? For you? For your students of all ages?

Benefits of classroom captioning:

WEBSITES WITH FREE EDUCATIONAL CAPTIONED VIDEOS: November 2012: online, see – prepared in Australia and worth perusing from any country. cap that is an initiative of Media Access Australia.

Article from NCRA (court reporter association) about captioning in the classroom: ://

Guidance on the rights of students with disabilities:  (Also see list below for information on captioning media for education.)

IN HIGH SCHOOL TOO! Important legal ruling concerning CART in high schools in USA (August 2013) to read and applaud – keep in touch for updates (CCAC member is parent of student): Judges in California Reverse Ruling Preventing CART in Classrooms,  by Tim Hull, Courthouse News Service 8/6/2013 – Go to to read more. 



Captioning is a great resource for teaching reading, i.e., it is a tool to improve literacy. It also teaches languages! See this video for another example:

Another article about literacy and subtitles,

Update from CCAC member Greg, November 25, 2013 – Website Up! Go to and check it out.


CCAC notes that online education is expanding all over the place and is a concern to millions of people of all ages with hearing loss, or who are deaf or deafened, plus many more who use quality captioning due to language or learning differences. Quality captioning is needed for all of it online, e.g. presentations, lectures online, videos, discussions, webinars, and more.


CCAC publishes a number of original articles on this website about “Why use CART and captioning ” across many different areas of living. Here’s the one for using CART (real time captioning) and media captioning in education, prepared for the CCAC by Mirabai Knight, CCP, RPR, CBC, owner of StenoKnight CART Services.

Because hearing loss affects people at every age and in every walk of life, it’s almost impossible to name a career that isn’t represented by professionals who are deaf, deafened, and hard of hearing. Whether they were born with hearing loss, requiring accommodations throughout elementary and higher education, or whether they acquired their hearing loss after already establishing their careers, the one thing they have in common is the need for full and equal access to education. College students with hearing loss use CART to understand everything in the classroom as it’s spoken, allowing them to ask questions, take notes, and participate in class discussions. Professionals use CART to attend organizational training sessions and keep up to date on advances in their field. Attempting to learn new material without the ability to hear or read it is an exercise in guesswork: It’s frustrating, exhausting, and counterproductive. When the barrier to access is removed, however, people with hearing loss are able to improve their skills and further their careers on an equal footing with peers and coworkers. Education is an investment in the future, and CART makes sure it pays off.

You might also want to take a look at a CCAC Blog entry from May 2011:

LIST OF INFORMATIONAL ARTICLES ON CAPTIONING MEDIA IN EDUCATION: Send us additional resources, especially how the laws are worded and apply to your interest (prepared by CCAC member, August 2013, using resources and links here and from additional search).

1) Bergen Community College (Paramus, NJ) >> Captioned Media Suggestions for Accessible Classrooms
The same information is available at Virginia Tech‘s website:
2) US Department of Education >> Office of Civil Rights >> Dear Colleague Letter to institutions of higher education & related documents (focuses on emerging technology being inaccessible to blind students, but the general principles would apply to all emerging technologies and making sure they are fully accessible)
Dear Colleague Letter to institutions of higher education
Frequently Asked Questions About the June 29, 2010, Dear Colleague Letter
3) US Department of Education >> Advisory Commission on Accessible Instructional Materials in Postsecondary Education for Students with Disabilities >> Report (December 2011)
Specifically look at: “Recommendation #15: Captioning” (page 82)
4) State of California, California Community Colleges, Chancellor’s Office >> Closed captioning of audiovisual materials in video format
Legal Opinion M 02-22 (dated August 2, 2002)
5) North Essex Community College (Lawrence, MA) 
Faculty Resource Page >> Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Resources
Captioned Media Tipsheet
6) NC Persons With Disabilities Protection Act (Chapter 168A)
7) National Association of the Deaf >> Issues & Resources >> Captioning for Access
8) Automatic Sync Technologies >> The Essential Higher Ed Closed Captioning Guide
Similar information is available here: SSB Bart Group (another for-profit captioning provider)
9) US Department of Justice >> Office of Civil Rights >> ADA Best Practices Tool Kit for State and Local Governments >> Chapter 3: General Effective Communication Requirements Under Title II of the ADA

10) Santa Ana College >> Faculty Resorces >> Closed Captioning Resources and Procedures
11) The Higher Ed CIO >> Article: “Leading on Accessibility” (dated August 25, 2011)
12) from Illinois, advising faculty as well – a good read.

Letter to Encourage Inclusion of CART in School Graduations – A Model for Advocacy from a CCAC member:  

The CCAC has provided support to members and others who want captioning for graduations. A draft letter that can be used follows. Below the letter is the CCAC Honor Roll of schools that provided CART or other captioning at their commencements in 2011. Congratulations to all involved! Your school missing? Talk to us.

This letter is the result of the CCAC CAP (Captioning Advocacy Project) that took place in 2011 and 2012, continuing with less activity in current years. Keep it rolling forward. Ask your school for CART inclusion now. There are many graduations in May, some in June, some in January! Use this easy resource to advocate for your family, friends, and community. 

Please copy and distribute the letter to all appropriate networks with a cc to the CCAC so that we can send you our thanks.

And a commercial blogpost of interest –

From the CCAC and you:

Dear Education Leaders, Parents, Students, and School Systems –

Equal Communication Access includes Captioning and CART in Education: One Good Example? Include CART at Graduation this year!

Why plan for inclusion of quality captioning now? Let us count some of the good reasons. CART and captioning is needed:

  1. For learning to read
  2. To learn languages
  3. For transcripts and record-keeping
  4. For “search” and knowledge-building online
  5. For “equal communication access” for millions of students of all ages with different hearing loss and deafness. Captioning is our “ramp” for equal access

Too many educational materials today, e.g., videos of all sorts, do not have full verbatim captioning. Too many school events do not plan for CART (full quality real time speech-to-text provided by a professional on-site or remotely). Too many students and teachers have insufficient knowledge about this need and choice – to understand the benefits of captioning inclusion.

We are reaching out to you from the “Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning”. The CCAC is a grass-roots community to educate and advocate for inclusion of quality captioning universally. In existence since December 2009, the large CCAC, all volunteers, aims to energize the inclusion of captioning in many everyday places (beyond television and movies). The CCAC collaborates with many established groups with larger agendas and broader constituencies. The CCAC has one theme – inclusion of captioning – because millions need it.

Graduations – We encourage school leaders to plan to include CART during graduation ceremonies on all levels. Up to fifty percent of the large audience will use it and appreciate it. A transcript of the special day will be created at the same time. Including CART (i.e., live captioning) will help educate all about the need for captioning in so many places. Most people with hearing loss and deafness do not use sign language. Text speaks to us all.

For more information about the CCAC, see We invite all to join, hearing or not, deaf or not, English-speaking or not. CCAC membership is free. We aim to answer your questions, and assist in any way we can for inclusion of captioning and CART in your graduation and in education. Timely planning is suggested. While the ADA law requires captioning and CART upon request (if it is the effective communication for anyone), why wait? It’s needed now. One in five (!) people globally have a hearing loss. We are finding our voice, with your help.

You can contact the CCAC at More information about captioning in education can be found on this webpage:

This letter was prepared for the CCAC by Lauren E. Storck, Ph.D., President of CCAC and Advocate for Accessibility Equality.


CCAC Honor Roll of Schools and College Where CART Was Used for Graduations – CCAC LISTS started in 2011 – 2016 – see all below in all lists. If yours is not here, email us please,

American Public University System Graduation Aberdeen
AZ – Northern Arizona University five ceremonies, webstreamed Deanna P. Baker
AZ – University of Arizona two ceremonies, webstreamed Deanna P. Baker
CA – Cal State – San Bernardino Graduation Aberdeen
CA – California State University, Fullerton Graduation by QuickCaption, Inc.
CA – California State University, Northridge Graduation by QuickCaption, Inc.
CA – CSULB Graduation by Total Recall Captioning, Inc.
CA – Otis College of Art Commencement by Total Recall Captioning, Inc.
CA – University of Southern California Graduation by QuickCaption, Inc.
CA – University of Southern California, School of Architecture Graduation by QuickCaption, Inc.
CT – Yale School of Drama Commencement by Jennifer Bonfilio for Caption Coalition
FL – University of Florida Department of Engineering by Alternative Communication Services (ACS)

FAU (Florida Atlantic) and University of Miami (2016)
GA – Georgia Institute of Technology Graduation by EduCaption
GA – Georgia State University Graduation by EduCaption
GA – Kennesaw State University Graduation by EduCaption
IA – Cornell College Graduation by Caption Advantage
MA – Harvard University Commencement by Debra Joyce
MA – Holliston High School Graduation
MA – MIT Graduation Aberdeen
MA – Salem State Graduation WGBH
MA – UMass Graduation Aberdeen
MD – Montgomery College, Rockville, MD Graduation by Caption Advantage
ME – University of Maine, Orono, ME Graduation and Some Related Ceremonies by MaineCART,
MI – Cooley Law School, Lansing MI Graduation by Annette Blough
MI – University of Michigan Spring Commencement, Business School Graduations, University Graduate Exercises by Sue Deer Hall
NH – Southern NH University, Manchester, NH (Verizon Wireless Arena) Main Graduation Ceremony, May 21 by Deborah A. Knapp

Online – Walden University Graduation by Paradigm Reporting

FL – Univ of North Florida, Jacksonville (CART)

MI – Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo (CART)

MI – Schoolcraft College, Livonia (CART)

VT – University of Vermont

and more below!

Below is a partial listing of USA colleges and universities who have offered CART, communication access realtime translation (full verbatim text for all speaking voices) during the year, in classrooms, for students and teachers. If your institution of learning does not offer CART, contact the CCAC –

COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES IN THE USA THAT OFFER CART (see below for International examples also):

Arizona State University in Phoenix
Austin Community College
Baker College Owosso MI
Bakersfield University
Bellevue College
Boise State University
Boston College
Boston University
Bridgewater State College
Brigham Young University – Idaho
Brigham Young University – Utah
Burlington County College NJ
Cal Poly
Cal State Berkeley
Cal State Stanislaus
California State University – Long Beach
California State University – Los Angeles
California State University – Northridge
Calvin College Grand Rapids MI
Central Wash University
Christopher Newport University
City College of San Francisco
City University of NY Television
College of the Redwoods
College of the Syskiyou
Columbia University
Consumnes River College in Sacramento CA
Contra Costa College
Cooley Law School Lansing MI
Cullowhee NC
Curry College MA
Diablo Valley College in Concord CA
Dominican University
Edgewood College in Madison WI
Emory University
Gallaudet University
Gallaudet University
Georgetown University
Gonzaga University
Great Rapids Community College Grand Rapids MI
Harvard University
Haywood Community College
Hunter College
Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis
LA Harbor College
Lansing Community College Lansing MI
Lehigh County Community College
Lone Star College
Long Island University
Loyola University
Memphis University
Mercer County College NJ
Mesa College
Metro State University
Michigan State University East Lansing MI
Michigan Tech University
Middle Tennessee State University
Milwaukee Area Technical College
Montana State University
Montclair State
Muhlenberg College
New York University
Normandale Community College
North Seattle Community College
Northeastern University
Northern AZ
Northern Essex Community College
Northwestern University
Notre Dame
Ohio State
Palomar University
Pima Community College
Portland Art Institute
Portland Community College
Portland State University
Pratt Instittute
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey
Sacramento State University
Salem State
Salt Lake Community College
San Diego State
San Francisco State University
Santa Rosa Junior College
Seattle Art Institute
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle University
Solona County Community College
Sonoma State University
St Catherine’s College might be University
St Cloud State University
St Cloud Technical College
St Thomas University
Temple University
Temple University PA
Texas Tech University
The Grad School in Washington DC
The School of Visual Arts
UMass Boston
UMass Medical School
University of Arizona
University of California-Berkeley
University of California-Davis
University of Delaware DE
University of Illinois
University of Illinois – Chicago
University of Massachusetts
University of Memphis
University of Minnesota
University of Montana
University of New Hampshire
University of New Mexico
University of North Carolina
University of North Carolina
University of Texas
University of Texas
University of Vermont Medical School
University of Virginia
University of Virginia
University of Washington
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
VA Learning University
Valencia Community College
Vanderbilt University
Walden University
Waynesville NC
West Chester University PA
Western Carolina University
Western Washington University
William Mitchell College of Law

Prepared for the CCAC by Jennifer M. Bonfilio, RMR-CBC-CCP, Coast 2 Coast Captioning and Lauren E. Storck, Ph.D., Founder of the CCAC

And some current ones in 2016 – Captioned by Good Sport Captioning (Patti White):

Saint Louis University, main commencement    May 14, 2016
    Individual college pre-commencement at Saint Louis University Chaifetz Arena:
    Saint Louis University School of Nursing       May 12, 2016
    Saint Louis University College for Public Health & Social Justice May 12, 2016
    Saint Louis University School of Law            May 12, 2016
    Saint Louis University College of Arts & Sciences       May 13, 2016
    Saint Louis University School of Medicine        May 13, 2016
    Saint Louis University Doisy College of Sciences   May 13, 2016
    Saint Louis University School of Business    May 13, 2016
New York University     Yankee Stadium, New York        May 18, 2016
Drexel University    Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia    June 11, 2016
Univ. of Illinois at Urbana  May 14, 2016

International Examples

IRELAND: CART at the three Dublin universities: Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University and University College Dublin. Also at University College, Galway.

If you know of CART or captioning provided at educational institutions in more countries, please e-mail us with details so that this list can be as inclusive as possible.

What other information do you need regarding access with captioning for education? Email soon.