The CCAC Library of Articles

Most of the articles from the old website have been transferred. Other transfers are in the works. Meanwhile, if you recall and need a specific resource, e-mail us.

The library is divided into three sections:

  1. Articles relating to do-it-yourself (DIY) captioning.
  2. Articles about the technologies and processes related to CART and captioning.
  3. Articles about CART and captioning needs and applications.
  4. FCC information here:, (a) New Complaint form for Internet Captioning, see, (b) information about new law found here and more on same site
  5. Suggestions invited for new links to anything here or any page of the CCAC web. CCAC is all volunteers.

A complete list by category follows:

DIY Captioning

Tools for DIY Captioning

CART and Captioning Technology and Processes

CART and Captioning Needs and Applications