CCAC Media Kit

The CCAC is the only consumer and grass-roots advocacy organization of its kind with a sole focus to advocate for inclusion of quality captioning universally – everywhere it is needed by millions of deaf, deafened, and people with hearing loss, along with many others who need and value captioning.

Via its own website, a members-only online forum, a blog, and presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, the CCAC reaches roughly 5,000 people directly and  many more through outreach efforts of its members, many active in several associations and companies.

The CCAC is an all-volunteer official non-profit organization. Funds raised through sale of advertising are used only for continuing and new CCAC CAPS – captioning advocacy projects of all sorts  – and for outreach, to promote the CCAC mission, and pay for operating expenses. CCAC has no paid staff, pays no rent, and keeps operational costs low.


  • Small vertical ad that will fit in the side bar (column) of the CCAC webpage. Inquire for size by email please. Cost is: $100 per month, six months order paid in advance.
  • Your image, your ad, is requested in GIF or JPEG format.
  • Sizing for a small ad seems to be this: 187px wide and 250px tall
  • Advertisers with the CCAC will be mentioned to membership about once a month.

Other collaborative or partnership ideas are invited. Please e-mail with any questions. We are looking forward to your sponsorship.