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SUPPORT CCAC VOLUNTEERS DOING CAPTIONING ADVOCACY EVERY DAY. Advertise by sending your image and request now. Build your brand, promote your services, sell your products and share your message with CCAC networks 24/7/365 around the world. CCAC is the only Captioning Advocacy Official Non-Profit Organization that is local, national, and international and all volunteers. Revenue goes solely to support CCAC volunteers’ captioning advocacy activities. Email ccacaptioning.org

Note- your ad is on every CCAC webpage! each and every one! CCAC promotes our many resources and pages online each day to thousands.

Individuals and companies are invited.

The CCAC website and associated communications and publications reach thousands of people who advocate for captioning inclusion for many good reasons, i.e., people who understand the needs of millions globally who are deaf, deafened, or living with hearing loss – plus – many thousands more who need and use captioning for other good reasons (e.g. language, literacy, search engine optimization) – plus – so many more who work in the captioning professions and related (e.g. access, disability, technologies, and more).

The website publishes many useful resources about captioning and advocacy, summaries of all the CCAC CAPS (captioning advocacy projects), the CCAC film, and so much more. It is used globally regularly.

Send an email with questions or suggestions.about rates or CCAC activities: ccacaptioning@gmail.com .

All revenue goes solely for captioning advocacy expenses. CCAC has no paid staff, pays no rent, and keeps costs to a minimum.

Please send us your ad, the image, in GIF or JPEG format.

There is a secure Paypal system here to use for payments and donations.

CCAC is an official 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible where allowed.


  • Small vertical ad that will fit in the side bar (side column) of the CCAC webapge – and will be published on each of many pages! Email for sizing. ‘
  • PRICING 2015: $50 per month, six months order paid in advance for for-profit companies. For non-profits or appropriate individuals, $40 per month, six months paid in advance. 
  • Sizing for a small ad seems to be this: 187px wide and 250px tall
  • Your image, your ad, is requested in GIF or JPEG format.
  • We do not yet have 10,000 visitors a month. We are building to about 1000 now and we are so active online in social media (about 6,000 fans, followers and friends) and also in our members’ forum (about 850 actual CCAC members) that our rates are a bargain. Happy to talk!

Each ad can include a link to your organization’s website.

Images must be in .jpg or.gif format.

Advertisers with the CCAC are mentioned to all in membership each month, on an active social media presence, and on the CCAC blog.

Additional collaborate, corporate, and partnership ideas are invited. Please e-mail ccacaptioning@gmail.com with any questions. We are looking forward to your sponsorship.